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1,000 GIGS!!!

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Gig History



Friday March 2nd - The Smokehouse, Ipswich
w/ Casual Nausea + Atterkop
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Thursday April 26th - Maguires, Liverpool
w/ Skinpin + This Is Not A Drill + 1 more tbc

Friday April 27th - Village Pump, Trowbridge
w/ Ghost Of The Avalanche + Skinpin

Saturday April 28th - The Palace, Hastings
w/ Pizzatramp + Attekop + Rotten Fozes + Butane Regulators
Facebook Event

Sunday April 29th - The Old Townhouse, Warrington
w/ Skinpin + Fustercluck + more tbc

Friday May 4th - Little Buildings, Newcastle
w/ Bands tbc

Saturday May 5th - DINA, Sheffield
w/ Mothcob + Paper Wings + Stonelung + Better Reality + We've All Had A Drink
Facebook Event

Sunday May 6th - Peer Hat, Manchester
w/ Riggots + The Fucking Glorious + more tbc
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Thursday May 10th - The Chelsea, Bristol
w/ Bands tbc

Friday May 11th - The Junction, Plymouth
w/ Rash Decision + Bobby Funk + 1 more tbc
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Saturday May 12th - Nical's, Bodmin
w/ Rash Decision + Bobby Funk
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Date TBC - Venue TBC, Somewhere
w/ Bands tbc