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Less is More...More or Less (album) 2 Sick Monkeys / Rash Decision - smeg010
Pumpkin/Smegma/Riot Ska/Atomsmasher/Side Effect Records

A split CD with two bands, RASH DECISION from Falmouth, Cornwall, England and 2 SICK MONKEYS from Swindon, England who have different styles, but that’s o.k. because variety can spice things up.
Here come 2 SICK MONKEYS with thirteen tracks of punk rock from members Fred Nus on drums and vocals and Pete Tower on bass and vocals.
“Sayonara” is their first song and it’s a gruff vocalized, punk rock song that will have you up out of your chair and dancing around your living room before you know it and it has more Oi!’s in this song than on a skinhead album.
“Bruce Brenda David Death” has a great bass intro then straight away into another catchy song with that great bass being in the forefront on a good part of the song, “Had Enough” is a great short song about getting away from everything, “Blurrr!! (Parts 1 & 2)” is basically an instrumental with the exception of yelling “Blurrr!!” every once in a while and has a bit of a surf sound, and “Number One Retard” is a super short song about being an idiot.
For only two guys, this is so full sounding and full of energy that you would think that an entire band is playing on these songs.
The songs are goofy and fun, just what you need after a day at work, something to put a smile on your face and something that when your friends come over, a CD with songs to get them jumping around to.
Some of the other songs that got me going were, “Bullshitter”, “I Don’t Wanna Be Me”, “No Brakes”, and “I Love Booze”. More or less, less isn’t more because now you’ve made me fans of both bands and now I need to get more!
By Altered Frequencies
Altered Frequencies 2SM / RD 'Less is More...' Review

This split is insane, half an hour of sheer fuel; Rash Decision and 2 Sick Monkeys absolutely smash this one.
Rash Decision combine metal with punk and grind along with a heavy delivery, whilst 2SM consist of just bass and drums, and pull it off superbly, bringing good old hardcore punk/oi to the party in shocks of around a minute.
"Seagull" and "Migraine" are my favourite songs, and I find that, despite grindcore not being my thing, that the whole of this split gets me going.
My only issue with it is that Rash Decision have a mere ten minutes of material - in a half hour split it would have been nice to see a couple more songs from them.

2SM happen to be the first band I ever watched down Exeter Cavern (my local), I must have been 14! I remember them being brilliant live then, and I'm sure they are now.
I also had the pleasure of Rash Decision at South West Metal Events' Dumonia Extreme: Chapter I, and they were fucking mental. Good live bands: check..
As I'm clinically addicted to dub and can't get off the reggae, I was sceptical about fully getting into this split; I've found, however, that I can't stop listening!.
Do yourself a favour, if you're into any sort of loud angry music, and want something different and mind-blowing, get yourself this split.
Top marks!
By Josh Lee (Cross Bones Zine, Issue 2)
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'Sayonara' paradoxically says hello and we bid the 2 Sick Monkey's welcome.
This first expulsion is a farewell to a friend and is delivered in true puking primate style with...a new cleaner look that doesn't lose the full on filth the band are renowned for but does in fact raise my eyebrows and has me considering could this be some of the best defecation ever to be flung by these eternal shit-flinging chimps.
This opener is a lovely rhythmic cut that does what needs be and comes straight from the hearts. Like a troubled tramp spruced up I am liking this new look and am well taken by this great sing-a-long burst.
Can it last? Well the ravings of the todge/twat fiddling tale uphold my previous thought and once again we having another clearer, more disciplined onslaught that brings out the best of a fuckin' fine band.
The fury from the throat isn't lost and even though the production is more hygienic the Monkey Boys still expose themselves as a DIY, hard-grinding unit with an inner rawness I personally adore. Great second number and into the terse super punkage of 'Had Enough'.
The statement is simple, the passion not so easy to grasp and something that could be so basic is given a special injection of belief and life and passed forward as an utterly convincing clout.
'Blurrr (Parts 1 and 2)' is primarily an instrumental and showcases the talent of the band - two players sticking and strumming with relish and rupturing the ring-piece of the uninspired fuckers who can only go through procedure and knock out tuneage more regular.
The rumble, the obvious attention to the noise, the sheer love of the melody the band plough inwards - yes, yes, yes - ooops - I think I've had an accident!

Wretched strums, a brief outburst - the title stated - 'Number 1 Retard' is over in 13 seconds - longer than the attention span of a goldfish - that's some punkers scuppered then!
'Bullshitter' is a swift clout around the lugs with a good bone-jarring disagreement taking place alongside an electrified drive that will not be quelled until the players darn well say so.
Not a bad rumble to be honest and easily joined in with although the 'Intermission' is more to my liking and is an instrumental that provides assorted styles, tempo's and intricate skills of the duo. Interrupted with machine-gun bursts, staccato in general essence the break is welcome and into the delicious stutter spurt of 'I Don't Wanna Be Me'. Only 28 seconds and full of thirsty desire - it may be brief but it gets the job done and we segue into 'No Brakes' with all attention at the max.
More orthodox and constructed around a good steady vibe the twinned vibrating machine that pleases so fuckin' often once again titivates the ring of rhythm and creates a solid level of pleasure. Gruff, raw, seemingly more improvised the dudes are testing themselves and coming up smelling of Monkey Musk's with colours combined and given a good splatter with Pollockonian abandon but still grasping a Kandinskian order - a fine number.
'Migraine' is a tactile tune one can reach out and suffer with. Like the complaint this song needles the sense and throbs along with perpetual annoyance which should make for a real dreary listen. Enter a sado-masochistic approach!
The song rises above the depths and forces pain into a troubled pleasure that captures everything sought for - and some. It won't be the top of the playlist for sure but as a sensitive curio it is worth a dabble now and again - provided the band prescribe a more uplifting remedy.
No sooner than requested then the juicy instrumental 'S. A. D. - Spontaneous Amoebic Dysentery' squirts forth from the sonic sphincter and wonderfully douses us all in a liquid shower of well-timed sonic shit.
Envision the joy of the players as they donate this mini-deluge of noise over the heads of the expectant - fuckin' lovely moment to be savoured!

'Last Orders' and 'I Love Booze' are typical fare from this piss-pot scene and with the new improved overlay and usual brilliance the double ended musical dildo vibrates our noise-drenched nether regions with two satisfying rattlers.
The first is sharp and sniping and I feel for the poor cunt at the brunt of the venom ha, ha. Well deserved I bet! The second effort is crazed tribute to the tipple with a wonderful encouraging pulse liable to make the easily persuaded to indulge in some mistimed alcoholism - why the hell not?
2 crackers rounding off...well a cracker I suppose - bang, boom, bang!
By Dave Fungalpunk (FungalPunkNature)
FungalPunkNature - Home
FungalPunk - 2SM / RD 'Less is More...' Review

This relentless little fucker takes off like shit off a shovel.
Rash Decision rough us up with fast, angry hardcore while 2 Sick Monkeys strip things down to bass and drums to go at it like a bull at a gate.
RD come straight outta the coastal town of Falmouth, portraying their dissolute, brutalised world in nautical metaphors; Captain Tom describes power games on a fishing trawler while Seagull presents a vignette of hopeless existence in a bleak seaside town.
The punk-as-fuck two-piece 2SMs belt out singalong choruses at hair-raising speed.
The unrepentant 'I Love Booze' is a stomping streetpunk classic while 'Sayonara' is a rowdy farewell to a close friend.
Punk, dear reader, is in very rude health.
By RC (Cubesville Fanzine, Issue 13)

Never seen or heard RASH DECISION before, but they are outstandingly good.
Hard, fast, aggressive street punk - in your face and poking your eye repeatedly with a grimy finger.
Barely 10 minutes out of 28 and 8 tracks out of 21 are theirs, but boy, what a buzz.
The songs are so quick and so short that there is no time to get fed up with before moving on to the next.
I really want to see these guys live.

The rest of the stuff is from 2 SICK MONKEYS, a very safe pair of hands if what you want is kick arse punk which is everything that punk should be.
It's fairly basic, very fast and it comes at you without any pretence or frills.
These guys have been going for millions of years and yet they are still able to write and belt bloody amazing songs and music.
This has 'stocking filler' (for cool people) written all over it!
By Neil Duncan (Issue Punk Zine - No. 63)
Issue Punk Zine - Home

If there’s one thing this particular split has confirmed to me, its that:
1) crossover thrash remains strong, and 2) that proper punk rock music is still well and truly alive.
At first glance it would seem these two bands shouldn’t go together – Falmouth, Cornwall’s Rash Decision’ are fun, but aggressive all the same, while 2 Sick Monkeys are those cheeky chappies who just want a laugh and a riot while jamming out punk grooves.
But the recent touring buddies act as a yin and yang to one another. ‘Less is More…More or Less’ was released earlier this year, and if you haven’t chanced upon it yet, now is an excellent time to get on board.

Rash Decision’s side consists of eight coastal themed tracks that are quickly blasted out, with a couple of lengthier tracks that fans of Municipal Waste, SSS, Lifeless et al should have no problem digesting.
It’s fast and raucous, blitzing through their portion of the split fairly quickly until the last two tracks which resemble slightly more traditional thrash compared to what preceded it, those still brief, with ‘Temporary Worker (Clause 4.1)’ padded out with a tannoy announcer through the majority of its duration.

By contrast, the bass & drum punk duo of 2 Sick Monkeys produce a masterclass in punk rock that proves its true spirit is still alive beneath the hordes of false libertarians and fashionistas with thirteen tracks that the guys blitz through.
2SM aren’t new to this game, having been around since 2000, and lyrically its nothing exactly groundbreaking, but you should be singing along to all of it when its done
Every brief split in the music is the cue to go nuts, whether it’s the surf-punk tendencies of ‘Blurrr’, the venom of ‘Bullshitter’ or ‘I’ve Had Enough’
The more spit-laden tracks are balanced out with some general boisterous tracks like ‘Sayonara’ and ‘I Love Booze’. Most of the tracks are a few years old but they sound fresh, chunky and full of verve all in one, without losing that punk spirit.
By Peter Clegg (We Must Obey)
We Must Obey
We Must Obey - 2SM / RD 'Less is More...' Review

So a split CD 2 bands one I am about to have my first introduction too and the second I am all too familiar with.
So into the valley of the unknown I ride in search of Rash Decision and what I discover is, Horrific, blistering paced, hardcore mayhem, brutal and harsh.
The main growl rips through your stomach like a rusty blade, shredding all it comes into contact with, I cant believe the tranquil picturesque, rolling beauty of Cornwall could be the backdrop for the blood ritual slaughter thrown forth from these marauders of dark noise.
For me this is a trip to the unfamiliar world, as Hardcore is not my bag on the whole, but just because its not my thing don’t mean I shouldn’t give you my opinion, so your gonna get it anyway.
Right first duo of deadly brutality fly by and are within my hardcore comfort zone, but the speed of track 3 loses me and 4 continues the feeling of out of control brain damage.
I do manage to nod my head in parts of track 5 haha.
For me Track 7 Seagull is the best track it starts with a brutal entry then bursts into a hard metallic thunder cloud of chugging spital soaked anger, pounding and menacing and I love it.
Great track and the last offering also tweeks my interest by smashing me in the face with a rotten Pasty, everything matters they say well, its apparent that these guys have put a lot of effort into this Brutal carcass of steaming rotten noise and it has paid off.
If you like ya Hardcore Hard then this is your wet dream, afterall if there are some tracks on here that I like, then it shows this must be worth a listen and it is.

Ok to the second section of the Cd a band I am familiar with and one I enjoy, both Live and recorded, although I have always felt there was something missing on the Recordings.
We start with the End, a Goodbye to a friend in his 2 sick monkeys t-shirt, and it’s a great start a fast blast with as ever great wordage, and the bass and drums rhythmic cyclone starts to whirl .
The tracks whirl by from short then shorter to the almost instrumental of Blurr (parts 1 and 2) and the shortest track, Number One Retard.
Ever enjoyable and you listen on in wonderment at the brilliance and shining individuality of this band, truly insane genius haha.
Intermission is my least favourite of the bunch, just doesn’t do anything for me, maybe its because its an instrumental and is the same riff going round and round but no I don’t need an intermission thanks.
Unlike I don’t wanna be me and No brakes brilliant Singalong monsters of tracks 2 sick monkey genius at work, S.a.d convinces me that you can do a track with no vocal that rocks like a concrete banana and this is it fucking hell.
I am jerking around and trying to type at the same time as My body goes into uncontrollable Monkey spasms, and so we arrive at the final track a drunken mad moment, of crazy madness in a big old monkey package.
This is a great Singalong and not much of a confession as everyone knows Monkeys love Booze and so that’s it, end of there set.
I think this is my favourite 2 sick monkeys recording so far,it’s a great mix both sound wise and song wise a bit of everything as they say, a lovely bunch of bananas.
By Woodstock Punkrock (Studs And Punks)
Studs And Punks - Home
Studs And Punks - 2SM / RD 'Less is More...' Review

Welcome To Shit Street (Live Album) Smegma Records - smeg009

One of the best live punk bands around so a 'live' album is pretty much an essential item for the collection.
This was recorded live at the Green Rooms in South Wales and production quality is very good indeed. I guess it helps that there are only the two of them in the band
The album features a full set of 13 songs, blasted out in just over half an hour with all the inersong chat and all the other atmosphere elements. Oh, BTW, some of the 'tracks' are in fact 2 or even 3 songs, so you have a wide selection of songs from their huge catalogue of material
Punk as fuck, with the distinctive vocal style and bass played like a 6-string guitar, this is an awesome release.
By Neil Duncan (Issue Punk Zine - No. 63)
Issue Punk Zine - Home

Why? (ep) Smegma Records - smeg007

Once upon a time, drummer Fred Nus bassist Pete Butler from Swindon town, UK, gathered for a support gig for a friend Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream). Soon they became 2 Sick Monkeys, and now have released four albums and rocked over five hundred gigs in thirteen countries around the world.
My first live clash with 2SM was last summer. After the first few chords it bacame clear to me – it‘s impossible not to believe them: two honest and as we, Lithuanians, say simple as "two pennies“ and a little mad British monkeys on stage completely gave theirselves.
Live performances of 2 Sick Monkeys - the load of positivism and energy, that turns the band and the audience into one body.
Album: "Why?" - the latest 2 Sick Monkeys' work, released on their own independent label Smegma Records. "Why?" has only five songs, but it‘s enough to understand the „language“ of 2SM.
The group speaks clearly: they are not looking for sophisticated literary expressions and are totally able to analyse complicated social issues so for everyone to understand. This is one reason why 2 Sick Monkeys cought me - among the artists whose texts often seem like random expressions, a „patchwork“ of metaphors, such outspokenness of 2SM is like a proper refreshment for my soul.
As for the technical side, 2 Sick Monkeys are also striking: both Pete and Fred has really great playing skills, experiment a lot with different sounds, Pete and Fred sings right in the place and time, with the necessary emotions and tone. One of the largest 2 Sick Monkeys inspirations - Nomeansno, whose influence on the sound is clearly visible.
The first song, the same as the album title "Why?" 2 Sick Monkeys ask - why? Why we kiss America‘s ass, why we produce so many bombs? "Why?" – it‘s a brave persons rhetorical question - do we know why this is? Whether we NEED this?
"Big Words" - a hint of Henry Brown – a famous slave in XIX century, who managed to escape from slavery, to become a famous orator, but later was silenced by slaveholders. "Big Words" – empty loudly yelled words.
"Walk A Line" - a great instrumental "jam session" type of work, shuts up all those who doubt these two monkeys are talented.
With another track from the album - "Retro Age" - , honestly, "2 Sick Monkeys surprised me: when most of older punks often worship the past, 2 Sick Monkeys say what's so good in the past? Move forwards otherwise you‘ll spend your life whimpering for the past.
"Me Me Me" - the last, personally, the best song of the album. Rebellious side of 2 Sick Monkeys the best sound and the strongest „taste“ of NoMeansNo.
Two instruments, two personalities - a wonderful group.
"Small outfit - big sound!
I recommend to all "Nomeansno" and positive punk rock music fans
By Goda Raibyte - this is a version Goda translated for us from her native Lithuanian and it is available to see in Lithuanian at:
2SM 'WHY?' Review

This Swindon, UK duo has been gradually collecting loyal followers at every show. Not bad—considering they are a two-piece band consisting only of a bass that is played like a guitar, and drum, and manages to land a lucky beginning supporting Primal Scream. They are truly innovative.
Opening for big names such as Anti-Nowhere League, Subhumans, Discharge, Buzzcocks, Goldblade and even The Restarts, 2 Sick Monkeys have gained respect, standing on their own—with their might and distinctive style of punk.
Their natural, instinctually raw and mood provoking post-punk elements, was discovered on their previously released CD, ‘Curse Of The Monkey’ where I was instantly floored. Guess what? I still am.
The first song off of their new album, ‘Why?’ winds up in the first couple of bars of their first track, ‘Why?’ Pete Tower, gargles out in raw old-school 80’s vocal resonance. Following, the guitar strums and syncopated snare drums that hit on the off-beat, subtle flashes pass for nimble guitar twiddlings. Pete rattles off crystal clear, politically charged lyrics, ‘Why Do We Have To Fuck Iraq? ‘Why Do have to suck so much American cock?’ all before the chorus [and he’s dead serious]. Cutting through the bullshit, Pete voices out loud what many have dared to ask…and this hits on all levels. At the M8, the vocals are absent until the second meter where the vocals are accapella, in a more shouted spoken word with sharp significance. Building upon angst, Pete belts a drawn out plea—‘Why?’ – in a one more time around, ripping through the first verse repeat as the snare hits the beats as one last proverbial, ‘Why?’ lingers pass the halt.
A creeping bass crawl is all in suicidal rhythm guitar successions in, ‘Big Words,’ lined with Fred’s blurted lyrics as Pete belts on the chorus backups. Starts and stops triplicate drum rolls and Fred’s long drawn out, ‘No!’ fills the gap to the M8. Switching, triangle drum tings with jazz undertones morph into a slower almost reggae beat, speeding back to the energy for the repeat. With the lyrics undermining pretentiousness in their effective simplicity, it conveys just what the song is about. There is a chase to the fluff as the main vocals are more guttural and the blast reaches its end.
‘Walk A Fine Line,’ is a great jam confessional. It’s a blend of punk - with what I can only classify as a southern rock/country twist. The micro-fast twiddlings and snare hits on the beat. Brusque guitar strokes roundabout in beefy channeling coupled with high notes and that signature snare. It is all running on sheer energy. The bass is front and center on the bridge, carrying the entire melody. A surgically tight hybrid of entanglements with bass twiddlings could possibly be replaced by a fiddle, making this song so damned memorable. The precursor of cymbal, snare, and plucky bass crashes to a full stop.
‘Retro Age,’ is about making people realize you can’t stay stuck in the past, or you’ll be left behind. Surely, this song guarantees their permanency in the here and now. The intro accapella bass is much like the influential post-punk leanings. As bass chugs throughout, Pete is more into spoken verse than shouts as Fred holds the harmonies. Back up croons integrate with Pete’s chorus shouts as dirgier bass plucks has the snare panging off beat all on the second verse. It ends with a joining chorus finale shout, ‘backwards!’ (Nice touch.)
Triplicate snare and bass strums roll quickly into mid-tempo levels on, ‘Me Me Me,’ with the lyrics cleverly humorous and all done in sardonic full snotty flavour. It had me chuckling at the first verse. Triplicate snare and guitar strums are rolled into quickened tempo. High register vocalled back ups adds texture while the choppier second verse digs deeper energy, and the scratched up bass is in higher notes. The pluck-drums are more stunted. There are no restraints as the repeat renditions oddly, reminding me of the days of New Order, are stripped down to the confessional, ‘Me’s’ belting all the way through.
The beauty of the next 3 songs if that they are recorded live as you feel like you are in the same room. On a high note, it is fitting that ‘Fuck Off,’ would end the EP. Rock ‘n roll base strums open the song, all before the “Einz, zwei, drei, vein,” ques in the beat-shouts on the chorus—inclusive with live crowd participating and Pete’s raspy vocals. Drum pedal, cymbal and multiple bass strumming unwinds with the final bar of the Looney Tunes classic, ‘That’s All Folks,’ on the last notes as this live version ends with all cheers.
‘Why?’ is just a taster. Their full length EP will be released sometime this summer as well as a full fledged European tour with The Dead Subverts [Pete plays bass].
Pete and Fred are keen and not to be underestimated by size. [Size doesn’t matter!] Playing a bass like a guitar, gives an emotive resonance of the past melding with the present. This is a great triumph for 2 Sick Monkeys who live up their name of being one small outfit but with a big sound.
[Note: To purchase their CD in the UK:,, Thanks to 2 SM for allowing me to feel apart of the 2 Sick Monkeys’ crew.]
By Jillian Abbene - Jillian writes for Sugarbuzz Magazine, Fungalpunk and Studs And Punks.
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Jillian Abbene - 2SM 'WHY?' Review

I think 'old school' is making a comeback, cos 2 Sick Monkeys don't come much more old school where punk is concerned.
This is such an exciting CD really, well worth getting hold of. There are some fantastic songs and I like the split between the live and studio material.
The no nonsense banter is pretty funny and there is a great feel to the atmosphere.
They seem to make a big racket for just two guys (or is that two monkeys?). It's fun, sing-along songs, which give me fond memories of their shows.
Naturally the stuff tends to be of the politically active end of the spectrum, with a hefty does of abuse. Marvellous.
By Neil Duncan (Issue Punk Zine - No. 40)
Issue Punk Zine - Home

For sheer effort, toil and insistence the 2 Sick Monkey's put most bands to shame. This dynamic duo are up there with the best double acts around. Batman and Robin, Little and Large, Cannon and Ball, Morecambe and Wise, Peters and Lee ha, ha - ok not much competition but whenever you hear the name 2SM you know you are dealing with quality, dedication and 100% belief.
More than likely when confronted with a CD to review you can expect a good old kick-arse outpouring and this little gem doesn't disappoint. In fact this is the bands best stuff to date and the disk that it comes on is a replica of an old 45 vinyl and is as cute as you like. Nice touch but nothing whatsoever to do with the musical puke that I shall commence to!
The eternal punk question 'Why' opens the show with a tumbling 4 string assault reinforced with rattling drums and flavoured with a despondant vocal resonance that hits the mark and hits it very deep indeed. The swaggering bass is halted about 3 quarters of the way through as the sound takes a slower mode of approach and gives out a heartbeat rhythm poised to hit a cacophonous coronary endline with almost soul shattering exactness. The musical precipice is teetered on with such teasing brilliance before the death knell is sounded and the whole effort folds with fervour and a last blast of defiance.
'Big Words' tunnels in with a simplicity that puts to rest any need for unnecessary complications and another solid song is had. 6 lines and a chorus make up a song that carries more weight than wordage and the Monkeys come up stinking of peanuts yet again. A nice strum, strum, strum and roll sequence is well included with a few other modes of operation taken that add a final interest to a meaty song.
'Walk A Fine Line' is a massive instrumental moment and does what it intends to do with a superb showcase given of just how talented this twinned terror is. Bass and drums - don't foget that - just bass and drums and yet this slice of melodic hard-baked puke is so damn textured and contains a kaliedoscope of rockin' rhythm and catchy riffs. It's fuckin' classy stuff and if this band has any doubters (which I very much doubt) then this will shut their mouths and put them right back in their place. Quality extremo!
'Retro Age' sees front urchin Pete offer the poser of why people seem obsessed with looking back rather than appreciating the reality and diversity we have today. A disease gone wild and one costing the scene dearly this output is well timed and hopefully it gets a few noodles asking questions of themselves instead of nobbing nostalgia rigid! A nifty track indeed.
'Me, Me, Me' is a bold as brass burst of 'who fuckin' cares' punk that dabbles in shock, cock and rock and really ruptures the ringpiece of sanity something rotten with its deviant saturated lyrics and somewhat comedic slant. The opening verse sets the tone - 'Who's been smoking all your fags, And licking your birds saddle bags, Who kicked all your windows out?' - interesting to say the least and I am sure a psychotic examination of the one who penned this tirade would have some very revealing results ha, ha. A granite song to savour and one to end the primary five tracks with sheer class.
A 'Why' reprise folds the studio matter with temper and insanity fused in a hailing snatch of nuthouse frustration before we are dealt 3 rough recordings from the band in 'live' mode. A bit of a collectors treat and the finale of that crowd pleasing diamond 'Fuck Off' puts a full stop to this short chapter in 2SM's persistant career.
Yes this is the best so far from this stunning outfit who for me are being sorely neglected by this fucked up scene. I rate these guys highly, very highly indeed and get really depressed when they seem to struggle for adulation alongside more corporate, 'in the clique' bands who are just going through the motions with an obvious lack of passion.
For reality, sincerity and commitment these two twats of tuneage should be the top of the pile but with the current financial climate, the scenes lethargy and over-saturation of scenesters an extended struggle seems probable. They will get there though and if nothing else they can both take pride in their spirit, output and ethos - truly admirable.
Everyone should get this who is involved in the scene - yeah everyone - so come on contact the band, buy and support the true!
By Dave Fungalpunk (FungalPunkNature)
FungalPunkNature - Home
FungalPunk - 2SM 'WHY?' Review - Scroll to the bottom of the page

This e.p. is total new school pop-punk and fun all raveled into one. The cd has 9 tracks in which of 3 of these tracks are live which gives you a good push on things.
Sounds like no matter what if these guys are playing a live show or in the studio recording a new record they still know how to have fun and you totally hear it in their music and professionalism as a band.
I would have to say me,, is the best song on the record and the has the catchiest of sounds and lyrics,..check it before they wreck it people!
By Beth Lape (Punk of all Forms)
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Punk Of All Forms - 2SM WHY Review

Curse of the Monkeys (album) Smegma Records - smeg004

This 2005 release is just the first of other albums i will review by the 2 Sick Monkeys band. Anyways on to the review of this album.
Upbeat, well put together instruments and vocals on this 13 song full length make you happy to be listening to it and smashing the state of hardcore punk on songs like live it up(fuck it up),too many secrets,and 24/7,this whole album made me bang my head and bounce.
I'm impressed by the whole arrangement and you should be too if you go check these guys out and pick up this very same cd and GET CURSED!
By Beth Lape (Punk of all Forms)
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Punk Of All Forms - 2SM COTM Review

These fellas hail from the land of magic roundabouts, Swindon, and are a 2 piece (drums + bass) that pound out punk rock tunes, street style with loads of passion.
The basslines are pulsating and totally fat and, having seen them live, 2 Sick Monkeys are an awesome band.
This CD, I think, is home recorded and I'd love to hear the outcomes of them in a proper studio with a better mix on the vocals. But don't get me wrong this is still impressive and highly enjoyable.
The highlight tracks for me are "24/7", "No Life" and "Taste The Pain". I wish they'd stuck their version of "The Worm Song" on there...maybe as a hidden track or something.
Great album, not a bad one amongst the thirteen tracks, do yourself a favour and grab a copy of this.
By Mr T (Lights Go Out Punk Zine - Issue 2)
Lights Go Out - Home

Genuine stuff here from two regular 'erberts who work their asses off and rely on bass, drums and vocals for almost their entire sound.
The CD starts menacingly with an ominous heartbeat and a sudden smashing of glass that burst through into the albums best track namely 'Live It Up'. A full on heavy drilling that is brief, basic and top drawer stuff. A real crackerjack.
'Too Many Secrets' is another stunner with 'Can't Deny' yet another above average effort that is disappointingly followed by the bloody awful 'Built To Win'. A horrible moment for me and I'm sure which fans of the Monkeys will love or hate.
Thankfully the rest of the CD gets back on track with '24/7' a bloomin' marvellous number. There are a couple of others I'm not over keen on but in general the album is not bad. There is an experimental touch there which sometimes works and sometimes fails but which should be applauded nonetheless.
The result is a very individualistic sound that is a credit to the bands know-how and talent. The best way for me to sum up the album would be to liken it to a packet of Opal Fruits. There's some flavours we love, some we don't mind and some we just can't work out if we love or hate but its always worth buying another packet.
Finally the instrumental 'Jemima Pooka' is a good orchestrated instrumental and worthy of a mention too.
By Dave Fungalpunk (FungalPunkNature)
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Only drums and bass+vocals. It sounds as this should sound really poor.
If there isn..t a guitar on this record so must the bassist Peter be really fast when he plays because it sounds like if there..s a guitar in the background somewhere.
But I don..t want to say anything about this more and I will instead admire the good punkrock doing. Even Fred who plays drums is skill and they manages to get foreward a really interesting record on these small instruments.
I think about groups like Business, Splodge and those a little bit messier groups.(SEVEN)
By Skrutt (Skrutt e-zine, Sweden)
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Nowhere Nothing (e.p.) Smegma Records - smeg002

Ok, so it's a couple of years old now, but 2 Sick Monkeys deserve a mention because they play millions of gigs and a lot of top quality stuff and are a really cool band.
In some respects this sounds a little more polished than their later work, which could be a tacit acknowledgement of how good stuff sounds with a bit of edge to it.
You get four great and varied old school punk offerings, enjoyable and entertaining. You can probably get this off the guys for a couple of quid if you ask them nicely, and it would be worth getting.
By Neil Duncan (Issue Punk Zine - No. 40)
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This 2003 Smegma Records release includes 4 songs,3 of them are punching punk in the face and the 4th one, titled song 2, is an instrumental that includes some folkiness and acoustics to it,but it ends up being my favorite song on the whole album.
So check it before they wreck it.
By Beth Lape (Punk of all Forms)
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Punk Of All Forms - 2SM NN Review

Industrialised warehouse punk here that deceptively ensnares the listeners attention with an unsettling, underlying double edged blade that on the one side is gothic and blunt but on the other modern and sharp.
The savage and deliberate bass lines are backed by some exquisite drum rhythms resulting in a sobering brew that is slightly reminiscent of a spectral Joy Division but which has a newer, revitalised punk attitude that seemingly drips oppression with each note.
'Nowhere, Nothing', 'Never Say Never' and 'Bad Old days' seem borne of the same mood and moment and are individually high class offspring with the latter ending this temperamental trio in superb chant and rant style.
The finale of the quartet is an instrumental effort called 'Song 2' that is a choice little snippet that showcases another facet to the Monkey's outpourings. As a live band this duo are fantastic and spirited and judging by this 4 tracker it seems they ain't half bad in the studio either.
Highly recommended.
By Dave Fungalpunk (FungalPunkNature)
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A four track single with the two-piece group 2 Sick Monkeys and the first song which also is the titletrack is a song which really gives us the singers voice in a good way.
A little bit hysterical and really obvious that this is a clear hitsong in the sign of punk. They go on in a wonderful way and my thoughts go back to the 80..s streetpunk.
Song 2 is an instrumental and it could have been taken away from the record.(SEVEN)
By Skrutt (Skrutt e-zine, Sweden)
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Two Sick Monkeys are two guys from the Punk Rock hotbed that is Swindon, Wiltshire (home to Buzztone
Formed in 2001 to support Darrin Mooney of Primal Scream, these guys kick up a righteous racket armed with only a bass guitar, a drum kit and their snotty punk vocals. The sound is surprisingly big considering there are no guitarists in the band, and the melodies really do stick in your head.
The music is a simple punk rock formula, in the vein of Snuff and Citizen Fish (minus the ska, and of course the guitars).
First track Nowhere, Nothing, which is the main single on this release, is the stand-out track. With a vocal line that will have you putting on your best Wiltshire punk accent and singing along.
The last track, Song 2 features acoustic guitars and keyboards, and takes a more measured approach, slowing down the tempo and creating a smoother musical environment which rounds off this single nicely.
Definitely a band to keep an eye on, this is a solid release that is nothing original, but possesses a certain charm that will win you over, and possibly have you seeing them support some bigger bands in the Wiltshire area.
By Ben Gosling (Punktastic)
Punktastic - 2SM NN Review

Full Flavour Behaviour (e.p.) Smegma Records - smeg001

full flavour behaviour didn't give me the full flavour i needed like the other sick monkeys punk rock albums did, but this is their earliest of music and like it or not some fans of certain bands are either more impressed with the bands old stuff or new.
in this case i think i like 2 sick monkeys more recent stuff then this one although this isn't necissarily bad just not as pushing as the others in music and sound as i like,still good just not my favorite plain and simple,these guys work hard but on this album they're hardly working for the fan in me to pull over this one as a favorite listening,still yet you be the judge and critic and take your own listen cheers to the 2 sick funkeys i mean monkeys.
By Beth Lape (Punk of all Forms)
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Punk Of All Forms - 2SM FFB Review

Another spirited offering from 2SM which opens in a raw edged style with the turbulent 'Time' which has the Monkey's showing an ability to construct songs of both unique approach and sound.
'Bodybag' is a nasty slaughterhouse affair that the lover of the rough house mix will take extreme pleasure from. It's a harsh cacophony that works well as does track 3 which again has raucous vocals and an unprocessed musical accompaniment.
For me both tracks are adequate but could be enhanced with a greater clarity of vocal. Maybe this would destroy the whole hard edge but is a personal preference and shouldn't be taken as authoritative gospel.
Despite this tame criticism the ensuing instrumental, namely 'TST', is a real good dance mash and has a definite psychobilly sound that will appeal to the wider audience.
'Retro Age' is the finale of another good offering from 2SM who are always worth checking out regardless of being a seemingly acquired taste.
By Dave Fungalpunk (FungalPunkNature)
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On the song Time they have a guitarist and sure it..s a little bit more sound on it but it..s enough with bass and drums as they have otherwise.
Fast punkrock is what the group gives us and you become treally happy when you hear this because this is the way punk shall treat us people.
You shall be happy and satisfied when you hear the music and that you really become when you hear this one. Humour and punk mixed…sometimes it..s a really good combination.(SEVEN).
By Skrutt (Skrutt e-zine, Sweden)
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Free 3 Track Sampler given away @ Wasted 2005

This three track effort can only be decribed as poor, a photo copy cover, looks like a sample disc to show off a back catalogue (3 songs from 3 different albums) and not a commercial release. I don't know for sure as there is no real info with it, just a web address that I could not get into
Anyway the music, unfortunately the songs sound terrible due to crap sounding production.
This is not to say the band itself is crap, just the production, maybe they were trying for a retro punk sound? it hasn't worked.
From what I can tell singer sounds a bit like Ian Dury when he made an effort, and just drunk and shouty when he dosen't. Maybe they sound better live??
2 out of 5
By Stuart (Punkoiuk)
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