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Curse of the Monkeys lyrics


Full Flavour Behaviour Here

Nowhere Nothing Here

Why? Here

Less is more...more or Less (our half) Here

About Time Here

Someone Pushed The Stupid Button Here

Live it Up

Life is a horizontal fall, you gotta grab the fun and take it all
It's a real deal, baby, aint no reversal, they say it's free - how much is free?

You can have it all.

Live it up, fuck it up

Too Many Secrets

Talk in riddles, hide in shadows, full of shit you hypocrite
A furtive glance and awkward silence, what's it all about?

They lie to you, they lie to me, they lie to everyone.

Creeping round in the dead of night, whispered words, all cloak and dagger
Hands held tightly over mouths, what's it all about?

Can't Deny

My heart it turns around everytime iítís true, the heat that chases me, I canít survive
Youíre the sun that hits the ground on which I try to run,
I canít believe what I believe

My heart it turns around everytime itís true, the road Iím running down, I meet my faith in you
I try to reach out but youíre gone + everyday is just the same I realise

Walk, talk, inside I die
Walk, talk, these feelings I canít hide
Walk, talk, everytime I try.

I canít deny

Built to Win

How do I react, my senses overload, I lose my place, lose my mind
And light and day they seem to fade, everything else just fades away

I donít know whatever happened to this thing called my life
And I intensify my loss of mind, my fate is gone, itís no longer mine

Iím alive, built to win

Canít go back, devestation's not far away, light and day seem to fade
But if I self believe built to win.
All I know, Iím built to win

Taste the Pain

Trail of tears I cannot mend, never took time to comprehend
Like a scar you run deep, you agitate

Cannot reverse this growing trend, don't wanna be here 'til the end
I shout my worst to an empty room, my senses are numb

Taste the pain - all that you've given me
Taste the pain - all that is left for me
Taste the pain - all that you've given me
Taste the pain - all that is left

Trail of tears I cannot mend, all the years that meet no end
A growing fear, the only way, my senses are clear

There's nothing


I can't wait any longer, i won't be put on hold
Change that red light to green, let's go go go

I want it yesterday.

I will not lose a minute and you won't take from me
I call it, I do it, me me me

No Difference

Is there no difference?, Are we no different?

I'm more different than you

Are we any different? What makes us who we are?
See everything, we buy everything, this microcosm of life
We look inside, all we show is the outside
Psychosis of what we should be, self analytical, do we care?
Do we give a fuck? 'cos I know I don't!!

One More Second

Don't wanna be in someone's shadow, be inspired not too shallow
Be someone make it happen.
This is me I won't slow down, reality will come around, I'm gonna be there

Here to stay, save your heartache for another day, one more second I want to stay

Don't race too quick and you'll go faster, at the time seemed to last, never quit never get me down
In my life I always reckoned, I won't quit, one last second. you're my inspiration

My Life in a Movie

Start to tell a story but she took it away, no one can watch now
Extract of my life was shot in a movie but now it's lifted out
I have 4 minutes 20 seconds of memory no longer mine
how can I expect you to understand....she screamed at me

Taken away


My bleeding heart, no longer loved or cared, my bleeding heart

Lose My Mind

Keep it going, under pressure, stop to think and it's gone
Get it on, find the pleasure, stop to think, all goes wrong

Shut up, shut up, every time I fuck it up
You'll be there to stand and stare oh yeah

Keep it going, a test for you, on the edge, endless possibility
High on this life, don't fail me now, restricted vision but see it through

Lose my mind tonight, I don't wanna know 'cos I aint been told

No Life

Greed takes us over, our will to survive, they get all the money, we get no piece
Eat don't replace, evaluate, they take all the glory give us no peace.

No life - everything's alright, burning up the sky every night

You take over and set the world free, help us to survive and set the world free
We swim for a living, gonna swim for ever, there are no limits, yourself over others

Eat don't replace, evaluate, they assume the power, give us no peace

In The End

Get up too late, the weekend's dawning, but I'm working at the store
Vacant stare in the mirror, vacant stare is all that's left of me
Light a cigarette and I catch them later.

I'm getting out

The weekend's gone, I transcend into normality, another day, one more dollar
Day to day don't get me off, day to day it pissed me off
Light a cigarette and I catch them later.

In the end you'll find me there

Weekend's gone, fractured state is all that's left of me, another day at the same fucking store
Day to day I don't get high, day to day don't get me far
At the end of this shiftI will catch them never

In the end you'll find me there, drink a bottle, getting pissed, I just don't care