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Why is my life such a bore? Why are the pigs always at my door?
Why do I have to live in a slum? Why are the pigs a pain in the fucking arsehole?

Why? Why? Why? Why?

Why does the government do things wrong? Why are they always making bombs?
Why did we have to fuck Iraq? Why do we have to suck so much American cock?

Big Words

One and two, no time for you, in and out, scream and shout

Big words, that's all they are

A song I wrote, note for note, there and back, jumpin' jack

Henry Brown, up and down, black and white, screaming shite

Retro Age

Old is new and new is out, today is really yesterday
All our future's in the past and we'll never see tomorrow

We're all living in a retro age
Looking backwards.

20 years no further forward, harking back to the good old days
Well what's so fucking good about 'em? The real world just passed you by

Me, Me, Me

Who's been smoking all your fags? And licking your bird's saddlebags?
Who kicked all your windows out?
Who came round and trashed your house? Who's the one who ate your mouse?
Who called your sister a big fat trout?

Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me

Who put dog shit in your hat? And shaved the fur off your pet cat?
Who put dynamite down your bog?
Who d'ya think smoked all your hash? Went through your wallet and nicked your cash?
Who set fire to your dog?

Who put an axe through your front door? Who spewed up all over the floor?
Who told your bird you've got VD?
Who d'ya think crapped in the sink? And made the whole house fucking stink?
Yeah, that's right, it was fucking me!!

Where's The Progress In That? (Live)

Fry your brains and fuck your eys, illiterate with R.S.I.
And you think you're getting better
Slouch around like lazy cunts, growing claws to replace your thumbs
You all strain to see

We've lost the art of speech, we can't communicate
Texting this and texting that
We've lost the art of speech, we can't communicate
Well, fuck it, let's abbreviate

Dumb buttons and empty heads, conversation's nearly dead
Where's the progress in that?
The next big thing is oh-so-small, with your bent back you don't look so tall
It's made so easy for you

One More Second (Live)

Don't wanna be in someone's shadow, be inspired not too shallow
Be someone make it happen.
This is me I won't slow down, reality will come around, I'm gonna be there

Here to stay, save your heartache for another day, one more second I want to stay

Don't race too quick and you'll go faster, at the time seemed to last, never quit never get me down
In my life I always reckoned, I won't quit, one last second. you're my inspiration