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Full Flavour Behaviour EP lyrics


Curse Of The Monkeys lyrics

Nowhere Nothing Here

Why? Here

Less is more...more or Less (our half) Here

About Time Here

Someone Pushed The Stupid Button Here


What's the worry all the while, down in the street?
Don't know who is who or what you're gonna meet
Been held up in this town for the sex 'n' drugs,
You switch off or move in with it all

2SM out there again, kick it up 'til 3am
And do it all again...until we die

Slashing out, give me everything,
Tough in the gutter, get rained on in the street
All night in this bar wasting all my time
3am, time to leave, we get pissed up and then...

What's the worry all the while, down in the street?
Been in the bars all night, I'm dead on my feet
Wasting all my time, drinking all the beer
3am we get pissed up and never wanna leave

Body Bag

Get the keys get the car, get me stash get the keys
Get the keys get the car, get the fucking car!!

Body bag, body bag, that'll fit in my trunk

Get the keys get the car, get the lager in the back
Get the shit out the car, clean the fucking mess!!

Mad Marty

Mad Marty's on the move, cute with the ladies, 300 if ya wanna play
Here comes mr raiser, can't be pushed around, someone's gotta stop him
The turn card brings a suicide king, you're in trouble with the short stack
6 on the river, 666, he looks like the devil now

Mad Marty's mad, mad Marty's mad
He's the devil at the cards, so good he's bad
Mad Marty's mad

Debbie's in trouble, heading for the door, then she starts firing
Ricky thinks he's got it with the pocket rockets, one pair's holding up
Johno went down to the dead mans hand, he aint coming back again
Winner takes it all, marty's walking tall, laughing at the losers

Retro Age

Old is new and new is out, today is really yesterday
All our future's in the past and we'll never see tomorrow

We're all living in a retro age
Looking backwards.

20 years no further forward, harking back to the good old days
Well what's so fucking good about 'em? The real world just passed you by